• Collection of personal data: The new-customer-registration procedure (which is necessary for the customer to be able to order products and use the services on the website of Kera Tours) requires some of the customer's personal data to be submitted to by the customer. By submitting that information, the customer agrees to a further processing of the data in question. Kera Tours uses their customer's personal data only for their own customer services. The collection of the mentioned type of information is limited to data only, which is absolutely needed for serving the customer and applies with art. 4, § 1 a of the law 2472/97 "Protection of personal data".
  • As a registered customer of Kera Tours, you can easily and quickly book / order our products and use our services on our website, without the need to re-submit your personal data each time. Just login at and do your quick and easy shopping on our website.
  • Registered customers have the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter, regularly getting informed about the latest news and attractive offers from Kera Tours.